1. Updates, 010613 - WeVoteDale, Etsy

    Hey there gang-

    Two things:

    1) This blog is being pseudo-retired for the moment, but in lieu of that please check out my more photographic/editorial/journalistic approach:


    2) I’ve recently opened an Etsy store, focusing on photographic/design prints, or anything custom you may need (currently only graduation announcements). Please spread the word- it’s a very minimal yet exciting endeavor in my online sales repertoire!

    the IVOTEDALE Etsy shop

    *PS- for a social media promotion, you can use the promo code SOCIALOPEN12 for 15% off your purchase for a limited time! Let me know you heard it from Tumblr when you order!

    Otherwise, that’s about it. I’ll be on to check in every once in awhile, but you’ll find me hanging out here.

  2. Target+Neiman Marcus Collaboration 2012

    Target and Neiman Marcus recently had a handful of designers (Marc Jacobs, Thom Browne, and Oscar de le Renta; among others) come together and create some cool items- here are a few of my favorites:

    1) Band of Outsiders cookie cutters

    2) Rag and Bone Men’s/Boy’s shawl-collar cardigan

    3) Derek Lam complete skate deck

    4) Prabal Gurung embellished shoulder bag (for the ladies)

    5) Thom Browne rib-trim blazer

    I personally went with the Rag and Bone cardigan tonight:

    and if you can get over my I-had-fun-once-and-it-was-awful face, I feel like this is a winner. It’s roughly 50% wool, 50% cotton, so it keeps you warm well enough. 

    Pro tip for the guys: this cardigan runs a little large. As America would have it, I’d say the tagged Small fits like a true Medium. Fortunately, this Boy’s tagged Large version features the same details and proportions as the Men’s version, so I feel it works better for the slimmer guys out there (although not for the long-torso’d). Plus, it’s $20 cheaper than the Men’s size!

    If I could change one element I would have added functional front-pockets; these Rag and Bone pockets are purely decorative.  

    Otherwise, if not for anything else- find your nearest Target/Neiman Marcus(+Last Call) store and buy your favorite items up. From my understanding, returns on these items are only valid through January 5, 2013, and will likely not be available after.

    It’s only been the first day of sales and a grip of items have already been sold out. Some items may be worth more once some time passes I think…

    Or, you can just purchase the $499 Alice + Olivia bicyclelike this lady did.

    Special thanks to Mary-Beth Perrin for her knowledge and fine attention to detail! 


    More @:
    FULL ITEM LIST: Neiman Marcus
    Rag & Bone
    Band of Outsiders

  3. Gossip, 11.16.12

    The artist becomes the art.

  4. Canon 5D Images

    It’s been awhile- but I recently procured a Canon 5D MK i for a ridiculous price of $450 (FULL FRAME FOR UNDER $500!) via eBay. Though I don’t have any lenses yet, others have been kind enough to let me borrow some manual focus lenses to capture images for test purposes, so I’ve been screwing around with getting back into shooting again.

    That said, I hope to start showering my life w/ more images, should the rest of this year permit:

  5. jamesnord:

We should all have this much fun at work. 

What a fantastic moment captured- I pray I never give up my ability to maintain a child-like curiosity.


    We should all have this much fun at work. 

    What a fantastic moment captured- I pray I never give up my ability to maintain a child-like curiosity.

  6. Missy Higgins & Butterfly Boucher, Crescent Ballroom

    This was a wonderful evening of seeing Missy Higgins perform in such a small/intimate setting at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, AZ 09.09.12.